CCI Review


24 July 2011

Review of CCI

(Note: All the questions may not be relevant for all the delegates. However, most of the questions relate to Cardijn movements. No written report is expected. The discussion on JUDGE part will be taken up in the Plenary when you can give your comments/reflections. The questions given are to help you come prepared for this discussion. Refer the detailed program of the event sent separately)

1. No. of CCI groups/chapters in the country

2. What is the strength of each group/in the country?

3. Cardijn movements in which the members were formed (YCS, YCW, CWM, etc.)

4. Do you have regular Review of Life in the meetings? How often do the groups meet?

5. Activities/actions/campaigns carried out

6. Publications if any

7. Relations/collaboration with other Cardijn movements

8. Financial perspectives of the group/National set up; subscription; fund position

9. What is the state of the Cardijn movements in your country today?

10. What has the evolution been over the last 10, 20, 30 years?

11. What are the causes and consequences of these developments?

12. What other lay groups/movements have emerged to take the place of the Cardijn movements?

13. Have they been successful?

14. Are Cardijn materials available in the local languages of your country? Were translations ever made?

15. Where are these documents? Are they still available?

16. Has the history of the Cardijn movements in your country been recorded?

17. What has happened to the physical infrastructure of the movements in your country? (like Cardijn Centres, Technical Institutes, Hostel for Working Women, Research Centres, Workers Centres, National Secretariats, etc.)

18. How is the Cardijn heritage being promoted in your country by you/others?